giuseppe verdi messa da requiem

-- date 2012.09.23 -- time 20.00 -- venue Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall

WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE RECORDINGS require extra gain on your audio system to bring them up to the usual listening level!

-- live recording online audio player

-- performers
Yuki IP soprano + Carol LIN mezzo-soprano + Yong CHEN tenor + Daehyun YOO bass
Aqua Voice & Hong Kong University Students' Union Choir & Hong Kong Children's Choir Alumni Choir &
The Learners Chorus & Friends of Learners Orchestra conducted by Apollo WONG

-- technical information
Microphones: Schoeps MK5/KA40, Røde NT5/45-O, AKG CK93 & CK92
Preamp/ADC: DAV BG8, RME Fireface UFX @ 24bit 88.2kHz
DAW: Reaper v4.14/x64
Audio compression: Lame MP3 encoder v3.96.1

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